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Systems Engineer - £35K
A technical lead with responsibility for the management, development and support.


Business Systems Analyst
Focused on business liaison for PCI, Postilion and Data Centre. 

Project Manager x3
2 x Data Centre, PCI and Postilion 1 x SQL Server upgrade.

Test Lead x 2
Roles for PCI and Postilion

Configuration Engineers x 2
Need both Sourcesafe and SVN experience.

Industry Comment

An Overview of Business Expenses
Generally, you can deduct from your turnover all costs incurred for the purpose of generating business profits, such as cleaning costs, utilities, business insurance, postage, office rental, and so on. However, you cannot legitimately claim expenses for costs incurred for non-business activities. You can only claim expenses incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily” in performing your business duties..... Read Full Article


Learning from the Olympics
Like many people in Great Britain, I have gone from a vague interest in the Olympics to being fascinated by sports which I hadn’t even heard of ten days ago! We have all been moved by the determination, hard work and courage of the athletes, regardless of whether they won a medal or not. Let’s remember that competing in the Olympics is an achievement in itself.

But as small businesses, it seems there is a huge lesson to be learnt from these athletes. Here are a few ideas:... Read Full Article


Pass the PMP exam...

Do you use Agile practices, tools, and techniques in your projects? Do you belong to an organization that is in the process of adopting or is already implementing projects using the Agile philosophy, methodologies, principles, and practices?  Do you want to demonstrate your expertise in Agile practices, tools, and techniques? Then you may be ready to take the next step and become a PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) ®.  Before you begin there are a few vital things you should understand, such as the eligibility requirements to apply for the PMI-ACP® exam, the application process, and what to expect when sitting for the example.... Read Full Article


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Why use consultants?
Consultant Availability
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Welcome to the February 2013 newsletter from PSS-Europe.

January has been a month where I have found PSS-Europe waiting on different types of decisions on a number of different projects. Decision making is somewhere between a skill and an art, a decision will initiate change and the art is in knowing when to start the change process.

There are the blindingly obvious that should be done as the change will make immediate savings and benefit future projects that relate to it. I am often wondering why it takes some companies so long to commit to these decisions. The cost of not making these decisions in companies of all sizes must be huge.

One should not make a decision without knowing the pertinent facts, the danger is paralysis through analysis. Do you wait until you are almost certain or continue until you have all the information to be certain? A big decision may drag on and the influencing factors may change in that time. "Nah, I have not bought a television set yet, not fully developed" Ronnie Barker - decades ago (when a flat screen was fitted in cars).

The method of management by in-action works on the principle that if you wait you might not have to make a decision as circumstances will change. You do however need a plan in the event that circumstances don't change.

The skill that is need by consultants is influence without authority.

If you are looking for a new opportunity in the coming year please send us your CV to

Why use consultants?

Business Consultant

R. Townsend in his book, “Up The Organisation”, said, “They [management consultants] are people who borrow your watch to tell you what time it is and then walk off with it”. Then there is the “Those who can….do, those who can’t ……….teach or consult.”
Both these comments are clearly the more cynical of views of what can in fact be a very rewarding profession. This article will cover who consultants are, what they do and discuss why companies may wish to use them and why some don’t.

So what is consulting anyway?
Well in its simplest form, consulting is nothing more than the business of providing advice to someone. It can also be viewed as simply being helpful to firms when they are;
a) In trouble
b) On the move
c) Trying to do what they do better, faster and more cheaply.

But why would a company need help and advice from an outside consultant during these times? What about sourcing the expertise of employees who all know the business better than any outsider ever will? Why on earth would anyone ask an external consultant, with absolutely no experience in your business, to come and tell you what to do?

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Consultant Availability

PSS-Europe can service all aspects of Project Management Office (PMO). From the day-to-day administrative support to the initiation and strategy required to setup a new PMO.

Key areas for PSS-Europe include:

  • Programme Management

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Project Management Office

  • Hardware Infrastructure Implementation

  • Software Implementation

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • User Training

PSS-Europe is currently searching for Project Managers and Business Analysts with experience of working within one of the large telecommunications providers with a view for future opportunities. If you would be interested in working with PSS-Europe in the future send please send your CV to

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